Biomass Furnaces

Triple Green Products biomass furnace systems are efficient and clean burning, exceeding requirements for proper filtration systems. We have three models including our own TGC brand in addition to Triple Green Flame and Green Air Heat which are manufactured in North America. Filtration systems ensure particulates and ash meet local emission standards. Triple Green Products systems are automated and made to suit the tech savvy world, having the option to be operated and monitored via smartphone or tablet.


ORC Generators

Triple Green Products is pleased to partner with ElectraTherm, a division of Bitzer Group. ElectraTherm produces three models of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) generators. These generators produce fuel-free, emission-free electricity from low grade waste heat (77-122°C), utilizing Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technologies. The systems are fully packaged with outputs of 35kWe, 65kWe and 110kWe for distributed waste heat to power generation. ElectraTherm ORC generators operate in conjunction with our biomass furnace systems, utilizing excess biomass heat to produce electricity.


BioRoter Compost Digester

Triple Green Products provides industry-leading solutions to mortality management in the livestock production industry and cannabis industry, being committed to the growth and long-term success of operations. Producers are faced to deal with mortality management, as loss of animal production is an unfortunate reality. Appropriate measures must be taken in order to prevent the spread of disease, odour and pest problems, as well as contamination of ground and water. Over the years Triple Green Products has been involved in the research and development of mortality management in livestock production operations. Our research leads to the successful development and implementation of the Triple Green Products BioRoter Compost Digester. The BioRoter Compost Digester is a large in-vessel compost digestion system which reduces bio-security risks. Mortalities are processed into compost in approximately 14 days, eliminating all pathogens and other disease-causing organisms.


Shredding & Fuel Supply Systems

Triple Green Products biomass furnace systems can be fully equipped with containerized "walking floor-type" delta wedge adjoining fuel storage feed systems, allowing a variety of bulk biomass products to be used as fuel. Additionally we have stationary hydraulically operated walking floors manufactured in North America which load biomass fuel into a conveyor, from where the material is fed into augers. Augers move biomass into the boiler as needed.



Triple Green Products is a representative of solar energy, providing off-grid and on-grid energy solutions for reliable and cost effective power. Offering cost effective solar energy technologies for the benefit of our customers and the environment is another way we are working towards a greener world for the future. Products and services available include solar modules, inverters, controlling & monitoring systems, mounting systems and car ports.