There are limited opportunities to reduce the operational bottom line in any well run operation. Energy costs are a significant line item for any enterprise both large and small. And those costs are going to continue to rise in coming years. But you have options, carbon neutral options.

You can reduce your energy costs and your carbon impact significantly, potentially netting you even more benefit from a tax standpoint and ultimately, increasing your profits.

The solution is state-of-the-art furnace systems that utilizes solid bio-fuels to provide heat, and optionally, electricity, at a fraction of your current costs. Triple Green’s furnace systems have long been recognized and established in countless industries (including hospital and institutional installs), and are a proven, viable and cost effective alternative to traditional energy options.

Our Solid Fuel/Biomass Furnaces burn Wood Chips (created through wood waste) Wood Pellets, Agriculture waste and other biomass products. All of our furnaces are designed to handle even hard to burn solid bio-fuels such as agriculture residue and high moisture fuels.
Through our extensive network, we will help you tie into the best local sources for all your solid-fuel needs. And yes, solid fuels have been around as long as trees have been growing. The availability of solid fuel sources is growing as a result of population growth and the waste that is created from this growth.

Triple Green Products’ lineup of scalable high-heat output furnaces will keep your heating costs low compared to current energy sources. All of our products are turn-key systems that will work with your current infrastructure. All of our systems meet all current regulatory standards – CSA and UL approved for North America.

Triple Green’s systems have set the standard for reliability for more than 25 years. With installs throughout North America in hospitals, institutions, community developments and hundreds of commercial operations which includes greenhouses and agriculture, we are your source for finding the best system to create clean, cost effective energy.

Let us at Triple Green Products size the right unit for your current infrastructure while also being able to provide for future growth.